I have started to enjoy building up a variety of modern CW paddles. This is becoming addictive! The following are some of my CW paddles ordered by my personal rating:

Schurr Profi

The Schurr Profi is one of my all time favourite CW paddle. Sadly it was stolen whilst in storage in the UK.

Bencher Hex Key

The Bencher Hex Key is a recent addition. Thank you to my brother for buying it in the US and to my parents for hand carrying the paddle all the way from the US to the UK and then to Malaysia (despite several questions from airline X-Ray security!).

The Bencher Hex Key is a magnetically tensioned paddle that uses the same mechanism as the famous Mercury paddle. The paddle sits on a unique hexagonal base that is heavy enough to keep the key firmly on the desk. The paddle feels superb with excellent feedback. I have set mine up "hard".

This is now my preferred paddle!

More details from Morse Express

Picture: Bencher Hex Key


Picture: GHD GN507DX

GHD keys are made by Toshihiko Ujiie, JA7GHD. I bought this paddle in Tokyo after a long hunt through Akihabara. I was only after the "DX" version which uses contacts rather than springs and has a "hard" feel which I prefer.

The GN507 looks great and can be polished without fear of scratching the surface unlike my CT keys. The key takes a bit of time to adjust but once done it does not need further adjustment.

For further details visit GHD Keys

CT Europe

I bought the CT Europe along with the CT 599 from Ebay The paddles are made by UT7CT and available in Europe from M0EDX on his Ebay Store. The keys are also available from a number of UK amateur radio shops but the prices from M0EDX are less than half the retail price!

The CT Europe is a fine looking key but out classed by the more expensive paddles above. I tried to polish the key but unlike the GHD the CT keys are easily scratched.

The key comes complete with 3.5mm and 6.3mm connectors ready to plug into a transceiver/keyer. However both of my CT keys required re-wiring to get the "dots" on the left and "dashes" on the right.

More details from M0EDX

CT Europe Paddle

CT 599X

Picture: CT 599X

The CT599 was another key bought at a good price from M0EDX's Ebay Store. The adjustment of this paddle is difficult and requires re-adjustment over time. I bought the plated edition and like the CT Europe above the surface is easily scratched when polishing the paddle. Still it's a good key for the price.

More details from M0EDX

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